Kun Yang

Professor of Physics

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and Florida State Univ.

     Contact Information

·         E-mail: kunyang@magnet.fsu.edu

·         Phone: (850)-644-5373 (Magnet Lab.), (850)-644-5208 (Physics Dept.)

·         Fax: (850)-644-5038

·         Address: CMS Group, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory,
                         1800 E. Paul Dirac Dr., Tallahassee, FL 32310

·                  Offices: A306 (Magnet Lab.); 404 Keen Building (Physics Dept.) 


Fall 2013:   PHZ54921  Condensed Matter Physics I
Spring 2012: PHZ5492  Condensed Matter Physics II

Research Interests

·         Condensed Matter Theory; Strongly Correlated and Disordered Many Electron Systems.

·         Statistical Physics; Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena.

Curriculum Vitae       Publications     Recent Preprints

Current Graduate Students: Yuhui Zhang, Mohammad Pouranvari

Former Graduate Students: Eddy Yusuf (Ph. D. 2005), Qinghong Cui (Ph. D. 2007), Wenxin Ding (Ph. D. 2012)

Current Postdoc: Dr. Hsin-Hua Lai.

Former Postdocs: Prof. Xin Wan (2000-2003), Dr. Akakii Melikidze (2003-2005), Dr. Seiji Yamamoto (2009-2011)